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wicked_jenkins's Journal

Howl Jenkins
4 February
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  • wicked_jenkins@livejournal.com
  • Wicked Howell
AIM: Yume no Kakyou | Room 1 Floor 10
† Basics †

Name † Howl Howell Jenkins
Alias † Wizard Howl, Wizard Pendragon, Wizard Jenkins
Age † 27
DOB † January 30th Canon Birthday, I think, I may be off by like 3-4 days. x.x;
Star Sign † Aquarius
Birthplace † Wales
Height † 5' 11"
Hair † Naturally brown though it's usually bleached blond.
Eyes † Light Green
Likes † Magic, courting young and pretty girls, Complaining, Nice cloths, Messing with his hair, Rugby, Getting his way, Fun and plesent things.
Dislikes † Unpleasent things, People telling him what to do, Unflattering things, Danger, Hard work, Not being informed of important things, His relationship with his sister, Responsibility, Being pinned down, Answering important questions.
Status † Womanizer

† About †

This Profile is under construction

† Credits †

Howl and Howl's Moving Castle is copyrighted to Diana Wynne Jones. This is a Role Play journal for the game entranceway played by kurainoyume