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In Which Howl Decides to Speak

I think I've been here so long the days run together like a rainy holiday. It's miserable, that last glass event was miserable and now Sophie placing blame on me. Well, was, at least she retracted that bit.

I think it's time I went for a stroll.

In Which Howl Doesn't Notice a Change.

April 9th

I'm starting to think I could teach some of these classes better than the professors. Do they even know the source material? I think I've found at least 4 contradictions without even paying attention. They also ignore me every time I try and approach any of them with my theories. As if a student can't be on par with adults! I shouldn't concern myself with these things, I have to get ready for the days classes. If I hurry I should be able to get into the bath, who needs showers when you can access the bath.

In Which Howl Feels Lucky and Exempt.

This is odd, one of our darling residents have gave us another cryptic message and warning. Not that the warning it's self is odd, but the fact that all of you are acting ridiculous, yet, I do not feel any different. Could it be I've been spared these tragic sadistic episodes? I rather like that idea, I can take the time to go for a stole.
Where I can definitely appreciate the sentiment, and can think of many occasions where this current gift would be quite delightful;I would rather it not have it filling up my bathtub! How is a man suppose to get clean if all he has is vodka coming out of the pipes!

I don't like it, I don't like it at all. I would rather it pour rain inside everywhere!

(OOC: No, he's not causing inside rainstorms, but feel free to notice a few minor shakes and some places just a bit more dark and gloomy than others.)

In Which Howl is Pleased

Was that so hard Mansion? This is truly delightful, how it is now. Please, keep it up, keep it up like this continuously. It's almost as it was when I first got here. Has it truly been that long...?

Spring! The time for love and festivities!

In Which Howl Sets Off to Learn Something

I have a question for all of you out there, and I do hope to hear some responses.

During the event the other day, whats sorts of things changed for you? Would you rather have had the change you experienced than your reality, or was it something you never want to experience again?
Not funny!

[Based on tone of voice, and direction it's coming from it's plain that the man speaking is talking at the ceiling and not the comm device.]

Let me change it back at once! If I so much as step out there in this I will die! I will drop dead forever!

(OOC: Yeah, Howl is stuck in this: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/catalog/DR00040W_01.jpg he's not to happy about it.)

In Which Preparation Pays Off

Where as everyone else is finding issue with retrieving their things, I'm finding it rather easy. But, I can pin point their exact location, as well as call back most of it. In light of that I'm having a rather good day today.

To share my mood I may be willing to assist those who still have valuables that are MIA, or would that be AWOL? Either way I'm willing to help those who are unfortunate out.
Another day, another time I might have found this interesting, but right now I don't. I'll gladly cut to the chase a well:

How do I get out of here, and how do I do that fast!?

In Which Howl Shares Some Facts

There is only one thing worse than rain, hard to believe I know. One thing I dislike quite a bit more than rain. One thing I find much more annoying and cold inducing than rain.

And that is snow.

Make it go away! I know this place has no real weather or seasonal requirements, can't we just have perpetual spring? The none rainy kind of spring, the kind with pleasant air, and relatively dry and warm.

In Which We See Howl is Never Happy

That was suppose to be for Halloween? Well, I can't argue that outside wasn't nice, but still, it could have been executed better. Not to mention better costumes! Or, how about letting us pick our own costumes. They were horrible! Not to mention waking up like that! Stay out of my room! I put up wards trying to keep the influence out. I suppose that's a moot point when trying to keep a building out though.

The days are just becoming monotonous waiting between event after horrid event. What are all of you out there doing when not in mortal peril or forced activity?

In Which Howl is Very Much a Coward

When I said that hospital motif was as bad as the zombies, I take that back now. This is almost as bad as the zombies. Frighting mirror doubles of us flitting about with God knows what intentions. I don't like it at all!

Until this entire ordeal is over I will not budge from my room unless forced!

In Which Howl is Prepared

I don't know about everyone else here, but I do not like what I have seen in those mirrors! It's far too suspicious and rather unsettling, like I'm in some horror movie or suspense novel. I would recommend preparing yourselves, I know I'm not taking any chances.

In Which Howl is a Coward.

This isn't funny at all, this is far to similar to that zombie thing several months ago, and here I thought it would just be annoying things now, not something actually... concerning. The sounds don't help either, and this horror hospital setting has been completely over used!

I wonder if... no I shouldn't think about that.

I do not like this one bit!

In Which Howl is Not so Upset

Well this is more like it, not that I care for so much water all over. It makes for a very damp environment and I have some things I would like to stay dry. But I have another issue with this, where was it at the beginning of summer? We are going into fall! We should have more appropriate things during September! Harvest sort of festivities, or why not save it all until Halloween?

THIS ISN'T FAIR! Where was my Midsummers day festivities?

Just because of that I'm not going to play in your water park.
I am becoming bored with this mansions way of ignoring magic... since when could something be so impervious? This is aggravating, annoying, unpleasant and despairing! First the walls and floors to my room are destroyed, ruining my marks! I'll have to do them all over again if the room gets fixed.

I wonder where Sophie has wandered off to, as well as the charming Serverus.

In Which Howl Complains More

As fun as turning the mansion into a fun house was, I still want to know where a festival might be had. Will we at least get Halloween? I would preferone of the summer festivals.

On that note if the mansion won't give us something why doesn't someone do something? We need to have more enjoyable things.

In Which Howl is Amused.

This isn't a festival, and that makes me sad, but it's not horrendous either. I'm rather amused by all the rabbits. It seems some people are being affected differently.

Those of you out there who are keeping track of this stuff, if you figure out why some people are affected and others aren't I'm curious to hear your opinions. I can't believe it's simply due to having had enough recently.

(OOC: Howl has no one he would chance, as much as he has issues with his sister he's not too worried about her right now and most of his other regrets and issues have to do with himself and not so much other people.)
[There is a young looking man with quite an unnatural shade of blond sitting at a chair. He is talking at the camera, gesturing dramatically with each word spoken. As he continues to speak the room slowly becomes dark, shadow like figures dance on the edges of the room.]

The people who come here are no fun at all, and to get stuck with them afterthat is no fun either. I reach out and try and be personable, to give a helping hand, to aid my fellows trapped in this hell hole and get nothing for my efforts!

Cruel world, so cruel! So unfair and horrid!

And to be questioned, questioned of my abilities and forced to think of something to show. That is unjust!

I shall die, I should die. I should just die right now!

And if I should die, everyone else should suffer with me!


[At the final proclamation the man lowers his head down cradling it in his hands. The shadows have become larger and he begins to ooze a green colourd slime. It quickly covers the floor and raises to about an inch deep. A horrible sound somewhere between a moaning and some sort of strangled chocking sound can be heard from a disembodied source. After a small time of the slime shadows and moans the room begins to shake, at this the transition cuts out.]

(OOC: OK so, as a result of this conversation Howl has decided to be rather dramatic and throw a tantrum. The slime will actually be pooling out of his room from under his door and seep down the hall. It will flood the entire 10th floor and start running down the stairs. The shadows will also be creeping down the hallways. The noise is really loud so most people should be able to hear it, and feel the shaking. Yeah this is a BIG tantrum and has no real baring at all other then he felt like being a brat. :\ Before you wonder I did ask for permission. ** )
I can't believe such a thing could have happened. I have never experienced something so horrific, horrendous, nightmarish! If it never happens again it will be too soon!

Where are the good things? I could do with another festival, or, anything not involving me and my fears thank you. This entire thing is off putting there is nothing to do after that but sulk here, why go out something else might happen! At least my magic seems to be working properly now.
[The video turns on with an extreme close up of a young man, some people might even find him rather hansom though closer to the pretty side. His hair is a rather obvious unnatural blond and his eyes are pale green. He looks quite frantic, but trying to hold it in.]

This.. this is not fair! What sort of place does this to a person!? To find themselves in such a situation!? This is unbelievable, this is inhuman, this is cruel! I mean, and why can't I get down from here? Why can't I find a door!? For I can't have possibly left my room at all!!! Why is it the only spells that go wrong are the ones that would get me down from here!

[suddenly the camera is turned, it faces down and away from the wizard into a deep dark abyss. There is no visible bottom and no sides. It's as if the point where the camera was was the only piece of land. Suddenly the camera moves again, this time showing Howls knees and legs, they are dangling over the side. Soon it becomes clear that the only place to be without falling is a small piece of land barely large enough to sit on. The wizard is obviously shaking slightly and his voice keeps going high and low, as if he's in quite a fright.]

I HATE heights! Someone get me down! My magic isn't working for some unknown reason!

[The camera moves again, more a quick unstable motion, and rocks fall down into the depths. There is a shout and various swear words in Welsh cried out. The video then cuts out.]

In Which There Isn't Drama

Soon it will be Midsummer I think I'm starting to get used to this place, as long as my assumptions are correct, I think I could actually enjoy it here as well.

Now, I wonder if something fun might happen for summer, spring was rather nice, and I could do with something else as pleasant. Another dance perhaps? Alas, I don't know who I would ask to such a thing. I should get out more, there is no point in sulking in my room so much with so much out there to do and see!

In Which There is Magical Recovery

That! That... THAT WAS HORRIFIC! Close to death, nearly taken by such an ugly plague, and magical water from my ceiling is the cure? That is a frustrating outcome! Why couldn't it had rained like that days ago! If it had done it then no one would have died!

... Innocent people who shouldn't have to go through such pain, children... This place is worse then a nightmare, words can't describe this sort of Hell.

In Which There is Death, But Not Really

I am dying!


So much is wrong with me right now, I don't hold by plague! If I find any horrific things under my armpits that burst I will not be happy! When will this end!?

Nothing nothing nothing I do helps at all, do I need a doctor? What can I doctor do I can't anyway....


In Which a Lot is Lost

I'm going to be late for school, and Megan will kill me if that happens.

Though... I can't remember where that is... or where this is.

I know I need to go, but... man that's just weird, why can't I remember where? I don't really feel like looking for it though, rather just go about exploring. Hey, anyone out there? It's far too boring to be by yourself.